About Us

Hi! It’s so nice to meet you! We’re the Webster Family and we’re the faces behind WedAnnoucements!

This is a small, family run business and we love that it’s that way! Mostly because when we work with you, it’s really just us. As a customer, you aren’t lost in a list of order numbers. We’re the ones who talk to you and respond to your phone calls and emails. We think it’s important to keep things personal since announcing your upcoming wedding is one of the most personal days of your life!

While we are family run, most of the work is really done by Dave and Shatzi (that’s me!). Dave works on a lot of the website and technical stuff, and I’m in charge of the design and will most likely be the one emailing back and forth with you on your order! But our kids sometimes help with packaging and design opinions if we need a tie-breaker. 😉 They’re also really great cheerleaders and excellent cookie bakers!

Dave and I started this company back in 2005. We had been married for a few years and only had our oldest daughter at the time. We were in what I like to call our “lean” years – that time of life when you’re building a family and it seems like no matter how tight you pinch your pennies, there still never seems to be quite enough. We knew first hand how important it was for young couples to start their new life together without having to acquire mounds of debt to do it. Weddings can be expensive, right? We already had our toes dipped in the wedding industry with Dave’s local wedding videography company, Pix & Flix. While working with brides and grooms on wedding videos, we saw a huge need for affordable invitations that were still very high quality! We went to work and found a solution to help people. We found a printer that would give us the best prices to pass on to the couples we were already working with. We tapped into our design background and got working on some beautiful invitation designs. While our designs have changed over the years, our products have maintained a superior quality. That will definitely never change!

Thank you for stopping by our slice of the internet! We hope we can help you and look forward to working with you on getting your new life started! If you have any questions at all, please feel free to contact us. And it will either be me (Shatzi) or Dave that gets back to you, because that’s how we run things here!